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Cynthia Louise (Northup) Miller was born the youngest child of four, third daughter of John Russell Read Northup II,and Barbara Jean (Chaffee) Northup of Connecticut on September 14, 1967.
In her own words:

Hello, my name Cynthia. Friends and family call me Cindy.
I was born the 3rd daughter of Barbara J. (Chaffee) Northup and John R. R. Northup II in 1967.
My best accomplishment in life is my children. They are my heart.
Early on in life I was taught things about nature and grew to appreciate and respect it. I greatly enjoy nature and all that it has to offer.
Taking one day at a time and making each day count is important. Always letting the ones you love know how much you love them and care about them is important as well.
Never forget to listen for the song bird singing so sweetly in a near by tree. Appreciate the blossoming flower, it's color and scent, gifts for us, treats for our senses.
Be thankful for the trees that play such an important role in the lives of the human race. Respect and enjoy the rivers, oceans and lakes as well.
Many thanks to those that made this site possible.
~Hugs~ Cindy

She is sister to Barbara Rae, John Russell Reed III, Diane Elizabeth , and half sister to Daniel Arthur (Son of John Russell Reed Northup II and Jeanne Northup).
Also, Granddaughter to the late John Russell Reed Northup I and Elsa (Swanson) Northup and also the late Sally (Tottle) Chaffee and Raymond Chaffee.
Cynthia married Jessie J. Miller on 11-23-1988. They had three children: Shaina, Derek and Dylan Miller all of whom are her best and most wonderful accomplishments in life.
She is Aunt to Christopher, Kelly and Lisa (the twins), Brian and Joshua, Scott and Timothy and Tymber Zoe and Jacob Northup (Children of Daniel and Summer Northup).

Cindy's relatives on the Northup side came from RI, and most are buried in the family plot in Swan Point Cemetery.
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Shaina Born 1989
Derek Born 1991
Dylan Born 1995

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